What are the advantages of using professionally hosted email?

  • All emails are hosted on a private enterprise class server meaning potentially sensitive information is kept safe. Free email accounts are consumer products and do not provide users with the same level of privacy, protection or support. 
  • Data is backed up so you can retrieve something you may have deleted by mistake.
  • With a custom domain name such as yourname@torfaenscouts.org.uk (or yourname@groupscouts.org.uk) as well as advanced security features such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Parents and outside organisations can be a lot more confident of your identity when receiving emails and access can be revoked during a suspension or after dismissal. Anyone can set up a free Gmail or Hotmail account with something similar to 1stscoutgroup@gmail.com and pose as a leader. We want to make sure our adult members are protected from identity theft and safeguard our young people from imposters.
  • A Scouting email address allows you to manage and maintain a Scout-Life balance by keeping your Scouting mailbox separate from your personal inbox. Going on that well earned holiday? Temporarily turn off your Scout email without interrupting your personal emails.
  • Microsoft 365 has the ability to send and share documents as protected links requiring the recipient to authenticate rather than sending as unprotected attachments.
  • It looks professional. Quite often Scouting will lead you to have contact and dealings with public officials, MPs, Councillors, Business leaders or grant funders and having your own official scout email address will give a much better impression.
  • When your group sign up for the system, you will automatically get a address book of all the people in your own group as well Mersey Weaver which will update as people join the organisation and leave – so you can always get hold of the people you need to and respect the privacy of those who have left.
  • Centrally managed distribution lists can be setup so that you can be confident everyone who is supposed to receives your email.