Getting Started

All you need to get started in your new role

Once you start your volunteering journey with The Scouts, you will need to undertake some minor training in the first few months (five months to be exact). This training is to make sure that you and the young people in your care are kept safe at all times, as well as teaching you the ropes and building your communication lines with others who can support you!

Essenial Information

You’ll learn about our history and the fundamentals of Scouts, get an overview of how we keep people safe, and how we make sure everyone is welcome.

You’ll also learn about our training scheme, our structure and the support available to you.


You’ll learn about your responsibilities for keeping young people and adults safe, what to do in an emergency and how to report incidents.

Doing things safely is fundamental to everything we do in Scouting. The Safety training ensures that you understand your responsibilities for keeping everyone in Scouts safe and how to assess and manage risk.

Safeguarding Training

You’ll learn how to keep young people and adults at risk safe, how to recognise abuse and how to report a concern.

You’ll also learn about our Safeguarding Policy and our Code of Practice, known as the Yellow Card.


You’ll learn how the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) applies to your role, how to treat Personal Data and what are the Individuals’ rights.

You’ll also learn about requesting consent, and the measures taken locally to make sure we’re aligned with GDPR. 

Tools for the Role

This section will require you to do a specific module for your role. If you are unsure on which one you have to do please contact your training advisor or group scout leader.