Nights Away Permit Application

Start your journey to taking your young people on Nights Away activities

If you wish to gain a permit to lead Nights Away events, please fill in this form to send it to a Nights Away Adviser. Details of how to find a Nights Away Adviser can be found through your District Commissioner or within factsheet FS120901 Nights Away Permit Scheme – Applicants’ Guide.

DATA PROTECTION: This form is used to collect information about you for the purpose of you applying for a permit, this is to be used by your Assessor. As part of this form we collect personal data about you, this detail is required so that the Assessor can contact you to arrange a suitable permit assessment. We do not share your personal data provided in this form with any third parties. The data provided in this form is stored securely in a local system. We take your personal data privacy seriously. We will keep the data we capture from this form, in line with the Scout’s Data Retention Policy and it will be securely disposed of six months after the permit expires.

This form can now be found exclusively on the TORFAEN LEADERS WEBSITE